This drink is hot, not meant to be taken like a shot, but there’s enough in it to give you the same buzz as a shot. I love a good old Irish coffee, but what I love more is espresso with spices. This is a fun after dinner drink with some hard biscuits, or cookies.


What you’ll need:

Fresh espresso with added nutmeg and/or cinnamon.

Bailey’s Irish Cream


Ground Nutmeg

For the espresso, I use a little Italian percolator! I see them at second hand stores all the time and they typically run around $15-$20 a piece. Before I added the spices to the coffee I actually ground the whole spice with my mortar and pestle. If you’re using whole beans and grinding them, you could add everything together and grind them up that way.

ANYWAY, after you make the coffee find the cutest demitasse cup, or mug (depends on how much of this you want to make. It’s so good I could drink a massive mug of it). I filled half with coffee, almost half with baileys, and topped it off with a little whiskey. Give it a stir and sprinkle some nutmeg on top for a festive, but unnecessary addition.

Again, if you take this back like a regular shot you will burn your esophagus and blame me for ruining your jolly time - sip it like a dainty flower. But most of all, get waaaaaaayyyyy jolly.